October 2009 News from GEOM

Messiah Missions,

Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ! Hope you are doing well and the Lord is using us for his glory.

Present situation of our country (Pakistan)

Sadly stated that the present situation of our country is not encouraging for us. Because there are so many hurdles in the way of Lord’s work. Because the extremism and terrorism is on peak. Day by day the situation is going worst. Without any absence the bomb blasting is going on in the different parts of the country. So because of this worst condition we have need to change our strategy and plan from next year because the street evangelism becoming very difficult day by day, that how can we approach the non Christians effectively here for the glory of God.

So we are praying and need of your prayers too. And on the other side the earth quakes are also a daily routine here, but thank God, there is no disaster because of earthquake, but the danger is still there. So we need of your prayers in this regard too.

Although every where in our country people are in too much tension but we are very thankful to our God for the evangelical work is going well and we have the more opportunities to discuss with the people about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Last month we have delivered the following literature into gentiles.

  • Bible = 48
  • New testament = 88
  • Proverbs = 102
  • Miracles of Christ = 136
  • Library Project = 35 (Bibles delivered)

As per our plan to donate of at least one copy of Bible to all the registered libraries in Pakistan. Its is very effective project the non Christian religious scholars, leaders and students. In the last month we have received the 35 applications from the different libraries. And we have delivered them. And we expect more applications.

Faisal Abad

Thank God our adult education project is going well at Faisal abad , the Lord using his Servant, Pastor Zafar well, and the number of adult students is increasing, six new students came in this month. Seven people ready to receive the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior and take the baptism, we have programmed to baptize them at the end of this month by the grace of God.


The Evangelical work is going very well in Kashmir , our Evangelism team is much active there. The Bible study is very effective in these people. The people of Rawla Kot (Kashmir) are very happy to have the water pump there, which we placed last year, that water pump fulfilling their need of clean drinking water. Many of people from Kashir calling us and giving thanks to us for this blessing.

Please countine to prayer for all of our work and special for our country in this bad condetion. Thanks for all your concern and cooperation.

God Bless You.

In Christ,

Paul David

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