Pastor Mohan’s April Report

Dearly beloved brother in Christ,
Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus Christ, our blessed Lord !

It is our privilege to work with Messiah Missions Ministries. Our prayer continues to be that Messiah Missions becomes a worldwide ministry – whoever being with us or leaving us. Because the All Powerful El Shaddai Messiah is with us to strengthen and guide us.


In the small town of Meenangadi, 20 plus pastors and evangelists turned up and with them came some ...

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Testimony: Christ Changes Lives


Vasu began to come for the prayer meetings in November 2010. But his wife was against changing religions. Vasu told thed important thing is not changing religion, but knowing true god and to know the true way of salvation. Then his wifwe also turned up. They have two children.

But never did his wife allow him to sit or kneel in the prayer service. She used to make a lot of problems. In the end, ...

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March Update from GEOM

Dear Friends!
Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanksgiving: Friends! Thank you for your moral, spiritual and financial support. The month of March gone very well. We are committed to serve Lord with the same passion and zeal. The situation here is little better than before. But still receiving some threats from some strangers. Satan is keeping on hunting the people of God and making hurdles in the way of Lord. Please continue prayers…

Street Evangelism: As usual the evangelistic ...

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Report from GEOM – Jan/Feb 2012

Dear Friends! Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.

Dear friends thank you for the long lasting journey of love and care in Lord Jesus. Your kind response regarding to the last year’s misshape is appreciable, although we are facing the consequences and receiving more threats still but with the help of your prayers we are getting stable gradually by the grace of God. GEOF team is committed to serve Lord according to our goals and targets. No doubt ...

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From Huinduism to Christ

I am Shiddaraju.  I was born in a farmers family.

My father taught me all the rituals in Hinduism.  My mother was demon possessed.  I took her to so many temples and also to hospitals.  All in vain.  My wife also having much troubles especially stomach pain.

I underwent so many failures and we came to a decision to commit suicide as a family.

On that day a car came to my village and some people stood and preached about a man who ...

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Free from Physical and Spiritual Slavery

I am Murugesh. I was born in an heathen family in Nanjangud taluk. My father had no education. We were three male children.

My family is very poor and my father sold me to a land lord for 300 indian rupees. I had to milk his cows, take away cowedung on headload and throw it away and wash the cows and feed them.

I was married and my wife’s name is Jaya.

12 years back Pastor John Mohan came to my village and ...

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February 2012 Report from Pastor John Mohan

Dear brothers in Christ, greetings in the name of Jesus !

1. Nanjangud town church:

This church is growing amidst many problems . First of all we do not have a own building for the worship here. All the people are from non-Christian backgrounds. They have come to the Lord as the Lord had proved in their lives His word by doing miracles and giving them much peace and consolation. Many of them came because they have received healings from the Lord. This ...

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Pastor Mohan News, January 2012

Dear brother in Christ, Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ , the name above all names!

It is my joy to write to you and I take it as a privilege to work with you in MESSIAH MISSIONS which attends to the orphans and destitute children and cares fro the widows and helpless women.

As my wife always accompany with me whenever we go out for ministry, by the grace of God we have ...

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GEOM 2011 December Report

Dear Friends! Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ,

Thanksgiving: We are so grateful to our Lord for the work, progress and protection whole of the last year. Although there were some crises and problems but we kept continue the Lord’s work and achieved the set goals and targets partially. Some of our friends know that in 2011, we faced some extremism/terrorism and got some attacks from Muslims…in result of that our entire office things got burned/destroyed including evangelical literature. ...

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Pastor Mohan, December 2011 Report


We can not say the number in how many villages our Messiah Mission Missionaries are working presently. But I am proud that we used to go the untrodden paths to reach the unreached with the gospel.

Take for Example, Anjipura, it is 36 kilo meters away from the Nanjangud town and it needs 3 liters of gas to go and come back from the village. No good roads, animals share the habitations with human beings. We have a children ...

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